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We make our products to serve eco-conscious families around the United States.

About The Program

Thank you for your interest in the Cleansio Affiliate program. Cleansio creates home cleaning products that get the job done right without including all the harsh chemicals and fragrances so you can create a safe and clean environment for you and your family.

The Cleansio Affiliate Program offers a great opportunity to earn commissions on sharing essential home cleaning products with your network. Join the Cleansio Affiliate Program and start earning today!

How To Get Started

Step 1: Share

Share Cleansio approved marketing materials to promote your affiliate link. We'll provide all the materials you need to easily promote Cleansio products through all your favorite social media platforms.

Step 2: Track Your Progress

With our easy to use affiliate tracking program, you can see exactly who is interacting with your offers and who is clicking on your ads. Turn your friends into customers and earn a reoccuring commission on those sales.

Step 3: Earn Every Month

Every month affiliates will earn a commission on each sale that comes is generated through their affiliate link. Earn up to 10% per sale!

Learn More About The Cleansio Affiliate Program

What is Cleansio?

Cleansio is a family owned business that focuses on creating eco-friendly home cleaning solutions. Our products leave out all the harsh chemicals without sacrificing their effectiveness. We've been doing this for 73 years and we aren't stopping anytime soon!

Can you tell me more about the Affiliate Program.

The Cleansio Affiliate Program was designed to give commission earning opportunities to those who qualify. This program is perfect for those who are enthusiastic about eco-friendly home cleaning products and also have a strong following on different social media channels.

Is the Cleansio Affiliate Program for U.S. Only?

Yes! Currently we are only working with affiliates inside the United States but have future plans to expand beyond this. Stay tuned!

Who can sign up to be an affiliate?

The Cleansio Affiliate Program is best suited for people who are actively creating content in the eco-home, lifestyle, and/or parenting space on the top social media platforms.

"By sharing my favorite Cleansio products with my friends, I basically get my Cleansio supplies for free each month. Try the handsoap, you won't regret it ;) "

- Tiffany F.

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