Cleansio Multi-Purpose Cleaner 3 Pack – Fragrance Free, Cleans Most Hard Surfaces, 32oz - 3 Pack

Cleansio Multi-Purpose Cleaner is designed to remove the dirt and grime caused by children, pets and more. Its formulated cleaning solution is ideal in bathrooms, kitchens, on windows and most hard surfaces in your house. Plus, our product is manufactured in the US and is always held to the highest safety and quality standards.

  • EFFICIENT MULTI-PURPOSE CLEANER – 3 Pack, 32oz each - Count on Cleansio Multi-Purpose Cleaner to help you clean your home
  • DOES NOT LEAVE RESIDUE – Leave your counters sparkling clean. Our Multi-Purpose Cleaner won’t leave behind harsh chemicals or unwanted residue
  • FRAGRANCE-FREE CLEANER – Don’t just cover up bad smells with extra fragrances.
  • CLEANS MOST HARD SURFACES – Use our cleaner on counters, tile, stone, wood and glass, leaving them thoroughly clean

Ideal for efficient and effective household cleaning, count on Cleansio Multi-Purpose Cleaner for your home’s hard surfaces. Skip buying multiple products and bottles to clean your house.

Our multi-purpose cleaner cleans most hard surfaces, including counters, tile, stone, wood and glass safely and effectively. Plus, this cleaner does not leave a residue of harsh chemicals, so you can be sure your home is sparkling clean. Don’t just cover up the bad smells in your house. This fragrance-free cleaner works to eliminate odors without artificial scents.


• Apply the product to the surface; 

• If necessary, use a brush to work the product into heavily soiled areas;

• Allow the product to soak in for a few seconds;

• Wipe down the surface to absorb the excess product.

*Sprayer and Microfiber towel not included with this purchase. Only 3 refill bottles will be included.

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    Great Product

    I love this multi-purpose cleaner and think this bundle is ideal for those who are trying to minimize their plastic consumption by not needing three spray heads. If you have already purchased the cleaner with the microfiber towel, you can reuse the spray head. Or, as I found out because I gifted this product to my friends, any and all spray heads I had from other bottles in my house worked as well. Just make sure you clean the spray head and tubing well before using the Cleansio cleaners.