Cleansio Washing Machine Cleaner – Residue Destroyer and Odor Eliminator, 8 Uses per Bottle, 16oz

Over time, soap residue, minerals and chemicals from laundry detergent can build up inside your washing machine, creating a film that can trap residue, cause odors, and keep your clothes from getting fully clean. Cleansio Washing Machine Cleaner works to ensure your clothes and your washing machine are completely clean. 

Cleansio Washing Machine Cleaner works with all types of machines: Front load, top load, HE and non-HE. Our product is manufactured in the USA and is always held to the highest safety and quality standards. 

  • EFFECTIVE WASHING MACHINE CLEANER – Made for all types of washing machines, Cleansio Washing Machine Cleaner is made in the USA
  • RESIDUE DESTROYER – Remove the soap residue and detergent buildup inside your washer that prevents your clothes from getting clean
  • BOOST YOUR RESIDUE REMOVER POWER – Make sure your washing machine is working to its full potential by cleaning away the residue
  • ULTIMATE ODOR ELIMINATOR – Remove that funky smell and improve the overall efficiency of your washing machine
  • CLEANS INSIDE THE WASHER – See results after your first use of Cleansio. A cleaner washing machine means cleaner clothes

When you use Cleansio Washing Machine Cleaner, you’re able to remove that funky smell and improve the efficiency of your washing machine by acting as a residue destroyer and removing detergent buildup. This simple-to-use residue remover and odor eliminator cleans inside your washer, leaving it working its best.

You will see results after your first use. Simply follow these easy steps:

• Set your washing machine to the largest load size with a hot water cycle;

• Add 2 ounces of Washing Machine Cleaner to the detergent dispenser or the water;

• Run the cycle and allow the machine to drain;

• Run a second hot water cycle without any detergent or cleaner to rinse your machine.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Ryan G.
    Great product

    I have tried a few different products with minimal results. The tub would look clean, but we would still get staining on our clothes and there was always a persistent order. We tried Cleansio and the stains and odors disappeared. We have been using Cleansio to keep our new washer running clean and smelling great. This stuff just plain works.

    Brian McNamara
    The smell is gone from the washer after one cycle

    We were having repeat issues with odors coming from our washing machine. We tried vinegar and baking soda. We tried keeping the lid open to air it out. We tried switching detergents, nothing. This stuff works.


    I have a house filled with little kids and they manage to get EVERYTHING on their clothes, which means EVERYTHING ends up in the washing machine. I love that this solution eliminates any lingering odors and leaves the machine noticeably cleaner.