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How to use Cleansio's Foaming Hand Soap Tablets

At one time or another, you have used Foaming Hand Soap to wash your hands. After all, foaming hand soap is the linen closet staple in many households just like salt is a pantry staple. Unlike salt though, hand soap has a bit more personality. 

There is no shortage of types of hand soap with endless combinations of colors and scents. But what do customers do when they are looking for a fragrance-free and dye-free option of foaming hand soap? They go to Cleansio.

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About Our Foaming Hand Soap Tablets

Cleansio Foaming Hand Soap comes in tablet form and is fragrance-free and dye-free. This was by design to accommodate customers with the most sensitive skin.

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One thing to note is that our soap is not antibacterial, and we consider that a good thing. According to the CDC, there is no benefit to using antibacterial soap over “plain” soap. Furthermore, as the CDC goes onto say, it might be more harmful when you are not in a hospital setting. The chemicals used in antibacterial soap can harm your health when used every day and “some studies have shown that antibacterial soap can lead to antibiotic resistance.”

How To Use Foaming Hand Soap Tablets

The foaming hand soap tablets are similar to our other products in that it is fragrance-free, dye-free, and non-toxic. The difference is that one of these containers will give you 10 soap tablets, making 10 bottles of soap. The best part is that you can make this soap in just three easy steps:

  1. Rinse the soap dispenser with warm water to remove any residue that may clog the nozzle
  2. Fill the soap dispenser with 6 to 10 ounces of warm water from the faucet
  3. Drop one soap tablet into the dispenser

That's it! The soap tablet will completely dissolve in warm water in 20 minutes and you will have a full bottle of gentle foaming hand soap!

Dispenser Not Included

We currently do not include a dispenser with our tablets, because really we don't need to. These tablets can be used with ANY dispenser made for foaming hand soap. That empty one from the store? Perfect. That adorable one you got off of Etsy? Great!

There are a lot of different aesthetics out there, and no matter which yours is, Cleansio Foaming Hand Soap Tablets are the perfect companion. Whether you are planning on giving your single-use soap dispenser more life or investing in a automatic dispenser, Cleansio has you covered!

Our recommendation? Always use what you have. If you need to purchase a foam soap dispenser, some customer favorites include:

Any Foaming Hand Soap Dispenser is Compatible with Cleansio Hand Soap Tablets

How To Customize Your Foaming Hand Soap

Making these tablets fragrance-free and dye-free gives our customers with sensitive skin an option for relief from irritation. As a result, an additional benefit is that it also allows you to customize each tablet to your desired scent and even the color!

Customize Your Own Scent

First, we want you to know that there have been limited studies done to prove that Aromatherapy is effective and essential oils are not monitored by the FDA. As Mayo Clinic reports, the studies do suggest that using essential oils can have the benefits of: relief from anxiety and depression, improved quality of life for people suffering from chronic illness, and improve sleep.

If you find that aromatherapy works for you, there is no reason to not add your preferred essential oil to your foaming hand soap dispenser when you add your warm water and hand soap tablet. How many drops? You may want to add a few drops for a light scent or 10 drops for a stronger scent. You are in control of your own customization.

Are you new to using essential oils and don't know what to try first? According to John Hopkins Medical, you can use the following essential oils to remedy specified problems:

Lavender Oil To relieve stress/anxiety, promote good sleep
Tea Tree Oil To sooth pain
Peppermint Oil To relive tension headaches
Lemon Oil To boost your mood

Customize Your Color

Customizing your hand soap doesn’t just stop at your favorite scent, you can customize the color too! With a few drops of the food coloring in your pantry, your soap can be whatever color you choose to match your décor, mood, or celebration. The possibilities are endless: Green for St. Patrick's Day, Blue for Serenity, or Pink to match the décor of your child's Birthday Celebration!

Are You Ready to Experience Cleansio's Foaming Hand Soap Tablets?

Cleansio Foaming Hand Soap

Our Foaming Hand Soap Tablets are easy to use and easy to store. They come ready to gently and effectively clean your hands out of the container, giving you a fragrance-free clean. If you choose to customize your hand soap, the possibilities are limitless with ingredients you may already have in your home.

Interested in trying out our Foaming Hand Soap Tablets? Check them out on our online store and order your container of 10 tablets before the foaming hand soap dispenser on the counter is empty!

Make sure you tag us on Instagram [@cleansioclean] to show off your favorite customizations!

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